Influencing Policy is a Process

It Starts With Strategy

Strategy in Government Affairs/Lobbying/Public Affairs

Effective public affairs begins with strategic planning based on a clear grasp of what you want to achieve as well as what it will take to reach that goal. It's critical to have an understanding not only of the policy making process and the current political situation, but of the people involved - what motivates them, what they respond to and what they don't respond to.  

Loftin Public Affairs takes the time to understand your organization, its goals and the strengths and weaknesses it brings to the table. Working together, we will craft a strategy that positions your issues for action.

Stephen Loftin, the firm's principal, has contributed to public affairs strategy on some of the thorniest issues considered by the Georgia General Assembly over the last 25 years. From helping create a coalition of advocates that passed meaningful transportation policy to working with a communications industry trade group to significantly lower infrastructure costs, Stephen understands how to frame issues and bring a group together to achieve goals that can't be realized alone.

The Message Must Resonate

Messaging in Government Relations/Public Affairs/Lobbying in Georgia

Crafting your message in a way that connects to the Capitol's decision-makers is critical. Legislators and other public officials face a blizzard of information from all sides. In order for them to understand your perspective, your message needs to break through the clutter by being clear, concise and compelling. 

Loftin Public Affairs will help you develop messaging that makes the case for your point of view in a way that resonates with government officials. They'll remember your story because it will meet their need for information presented in an engaging fashion while respecting their time.

Stephen has created messaging on difficult issues such as natural gas deregulation, telecommunications policy and environmental regulations. From breaking a complex argument down into bite-size chunks to breathing life into a mundane issue, Stephen's experience and communications skills can help your message cut through the noise.

Access Isn't Enough

Stephen Loftin is a trusted resource to legislators in Georgia

Anyone can have access, you need your message delivered by a resource that policy makers trust. Government officials must feel confident that the information they receive is accurate. It can take years to develop that kind of trust, and less than a minute to lose it.     

As a client of Loftin Public Affairs, you will have access to a diverse network of connections at the State Capitol that rely on the firm's expertise, take them at their word and appreciate an approach to advocacy that stands firm on the important things but works to resolve differences where those opportunities exist.

Stephen builds trust by developing genuine relationships over time, treating people with respect and following through on commitments. There is no substitute for a reputation built on integrity.